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In our line of work, some questions come up more than others. We’ve collated them and provided some answers below. For enquiries, please contact TRS Tree Removal Specialists in Glasgow directly. We cover Paisley, Falkirk, Stirling, Ayr and other areas of Renfrewshire, West Lothian, North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire.

  • How much roughly will it cost and how do I pay my bill?
    We undertake all sizes and variations of tree work and must assess each job individually to accurately advise pricing. Most home and garden renovation tasks are easy to price up, the cost of tree felling and maintaining will depend on several factors – size, type, condition and placement being the primary variables. Due to the nature of the job, tree surgeons work in teams to ensure the removal is completed safely. Simply put – the more time, skill or specialist equipment we require to fell the tree, the higher the cost. It goes without saying that tree removal is a dangerous task and should be left to the professionals. If not dealt with correctly, it can easily result in more damage. We accept payment via Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash. On completion of the work, we will invoice for payment. However, if you prefer to pay by cash/cheque, we would ask that we collect at the end of the job. Terms and Conditions are stated clearly on all quotations.
  • Will my neighbours be affected?
    We may occasionally need to access neighbouring properties to collect light branches. Rest assured that we will treat all neighbouring gardens with respect and ensure they are thoroughly tidied after our work is finished. Our expertise lies in safe lowering techniques, and we use rigging equipment to guide branches safely to the ground. If access to neighbouring properties becomes necessary, a member of our team will first discuss it with the concerned parties before starting any work.
  • Will the weather affect the work?
    Each job is risk assessed and the weather can play a part in this. Generally, even in Scotland, we rarely call off a job due to the weather. Rain and light/medium winds do not affect us day to day, however the job may take longer than expected as it can pose difficulties. Extra care and planning does need to be put in place when climbing. The main factors are high winds, thunderstorms and snow/ice. These factors place stress on trees, causing them to fail. We will not climb on a day where it's deemed unsafe to do so.
  • Do you remove the branches?
    We offer a comprehensive service that includes the removal of all vegetation from the site, as well as a thorough cleanup for all the work we perform.
  • What do I do if I suspect disease or fails and cracks in my tree?
    If you have a tree that's been damaged by a storm or strong winds and requires attention, if you've noticed large, unstable branches that seem like they could fall any moment, or if there are signs of disease or decay putting the tree's safety and health at risk, you can count on TRS Tree Management. We're here to respond promptly and provide expert guidance. Our team of tree surgeons is fully qualified and trained to work at heights. We possess specialised knowledge about various tree species, and we know exactly what to look for in terms of disease and pest infestations, as well as the best methods to address these issues.
  • Common tree diseases
    Certain trees are more vulnerable to diseases and pest infestations than others. You may be familiar with some common tree diseases like Ash Dieback, Chestnut Blight, Dutch Elm Disease, and Oak Decline, but there are numerous others to be aware of. One crucial part of our tree care services involves detecting and addressing diseases, fungi and pest infestations. If you suspect that your tree might be afflicted or infested, please don't hesitate to contact us for personalised guidance and assistance. Your concerns are important to us, and we're here to help.


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Fast, efficient service. The boys were very helpful and knowledgeable, giving us lots of advice. We were difficult customers but they were patient and polite. Most impressed and would definitely recommend!

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