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High Winds Forecast

Emergency tree work

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We offer an urgent response service for emergency tree work Scotland-wide.

Whether your trees have been damaged because of a storm, have been fully or partially felled after high winds or have all of a sudden begun to show signs that they could be dangerous, perhaps because they have become diseased or decayed, our qualified, experienced tree surgeons are ready to

help with an immediate response service.

What Constitutes a Tree Emergency?

A tree emergency can be defined as any of the following:

  • Fallen and falling trees blocking access routes, footpaths or the public highway

  • Trees fallen during a storm or high winds

  • Partially felled trees posing a threat to property or passers-by

  • Trees that are growing dangerously close to overhead power cables

  • Large loose branches threatening to fall onto public land or property

  • Diseased or decayed trees that could shed branches or fall at any moment

Immediate Response for all Emergency Tree Work

Our skills are extensive and as a company, we have the resources ready on hand to deploy immediately in any emergency tree work situation. We always prioritise urgent work and can promptly free up our vast resources across Scotland to attend urgently to resolve any emergency tree situation.

What Happens in an Emergency Tree Situation?

The first part of our service is to analyse the situation for dangers. We have been carrying out health and safety risk assessments for more than 10 years and so have become well-versed in making fast assessments of the risks posed by any job followed by producing viable solutions to resolve them safely.

At all times, our key priority is to secure the safety of the public and everyone else on site.

As soon as we have secured any looming hazards, we will conduct a professional assessment of the tree and decide on the most appropriate course of action. If necessary, we will call in heavy lifting machinery and transport to remove any tree that is blocking access, working swiftly to minimise any disruption to traffic and pedestrians.

Where appropriate we will undertake remedial work on trees that have not been felled but have sustained damage. This may involve taking out unsafe branches for example, although in some situations it will be necessary to remove the tree altogether.

We will undertake a comprehensive inspection of the tree to ensure it is safe before we leave the site. Our knowledge as qualified tree surgeons means that we can identify signs of decay and disease which may have led to the weakness in the tree in the first place, in which case we will make recommendations as to the safest course of action. In all cases of emergency tree work, we will leave the site clear and safe.

Who Pays to Remove Storm-Damaged Trees?

In some cases, you will be covered by your buildings and contents insurance, although policies do vary. Generally, if a tree has fallen onto your property, or a neighbouring property, you will probably be covered for its removal, and for the cost of repairing any damage, it has caused.

If a tree or a large branch falls onto outbuildings such as greenhouses, sheds and garages, again you’ll probably be covered. If the tree hasn’t hit anything or isn’t blocking access, or it was known to be in long-term decay, it’s unlikely you’ll be paid out for its removal. If a fallen tree has damaged a vehicle, the claim will need to be made on the motor insurance policy.

All insurers will require the work to be undertaken by a reputable company, we are happy to provide any documentation, health and safety paperwork or reports that will be requested from your provider.

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